Utilizing Soul Led Leadership to Drive Real,
Tangible Impact Globally

Social Entrepreneur. Visionary. Philanthropist.

Utilizing Soul Led Leadership to Drive Real,
Tangible Impact Globally

Social Entrepreneur. Visionary. Philanthropist.

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Terra Rose Ganem began building organizations at the age of 18 while in college at Arizona State University. She founded her first nonprofit her junior year, Basketball Beyond the Barrio, which supported underprivileged children in learning life skills and becoming exposed to culture through basketball camps. Since then, she has founded two additional non-profits, four companies and is a national speaker, brilliance lifestyle visionary and currently, Chief Plant Aficionado at Brilliant Planet.

She utilizes methods of tuning in to oneself, high frequency energy, activated nutrition & earth reconnection to grow her current organization and to support clients worldwide in activating & living their true potential.

Through her private practice, an eco destination and speaking presentations, she connects the relationships between our internal and external environments to elevate and optimize living through consciousness & embodiment of inner power – resulting in living the best life ever!

Terra shares applicable tools that merge ancient wisdom and modern technology in her supporting people to quickly, with ease & grace, breakthrough the old and create the future they want. She is known as the “one you must work with,” by many of her clients.


Terra currently resides at the helm of a rapidly growing organization, Brilliant Planet, where she serves as the Executive Director and Interim Board President.

Brilliant Planet is the third nonprofit organization that Terra has founded, with a mission to bring the magic & ease back to growing and preparing your own food, cross connecting cultures through community and uniting people and organizations creating incredible impact in the world to elevate each others work even higher.

The organization does this by creating opportunities through their programs for people to reconnect with nature, each other and themselves. They show individuals and families the possibilities for brilliant living (that our ancestors knew so well not too long ago) through different modes of growing and preparing their own organic food in a supportive community.

Together, they imagine a world where each person lives in paradise, connected to themselves, the planet and each other.

Through their 3-pillar strategy including Eco-Learning & Play Destinations, a variety of Partnerships, Community & Outreach, plus Ongoing Research, they aim to share the magic and wonder of growing your own biodynamic food and the new possibilities that open up for families & individuals with this way of living.

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Coaching For Soul-Led Revolutionaries

Terra has always done it differently.
The only system she’s followed to a “T,” was the one dictated by her inner guidance.

She’s taken this way of building organizations and mission-driven companies and offers it inside her coaching experience.

If you feel a burning in your soul and you have a strange feeling that you will explode if you don’t let it out…
If you feel fundamentally different from others in a way that’s painful BUT you can’t change because you already know – on some deep level – exactly who you are…
If you have dreams you know are fundamentally meant to shake the world back to her feet, revolutionize our current existence and bring joy, love and unity back to the world…

If small talk makes you cringe (ha!) (one of many symptoms that you’re a Soul-Led Revolutionary)

Then I’m wondering…

Do you have a burning sensation in your soul knowing you’re meant to unleash what’s inside of you, but find yourself searching for a safe place to belong to BE IT ALL?

That is, do you find yourself dreaming of meeting people who, like you, harbor (and live out loud) visions to fundamentally bring the world back to her feet?

I’m talking beyond niceties and ideas, but REAL, TANGIBLE impact?

Do you imagine a life filled with the igniting + inspiring interactions that can only happen when people of passion meet?

Me too.

That’s why I created Tune into Your Impact.

Now, you can ground your ideas and fly higher than ever as part of our exclusive society dedicated to:

  • Tuning out the noise of the world
  • Supporting each other through the lows & lifting each other higher in the highs
  • Tuning IN to YOU to trust yourself and your vision
  • Connecting to your unstoppable inner power
  • Creating habits and practices that elevate you and make success automatic
  • Making a tangible impact on the world with action derived from soul alignment

Utilizing years of high frequency coaching plus powerful real life results, I have created the space and curriculum to help leaders like you align purpose and passion with sustainable implementation and action.

Tune In & Join Us


THIS, working with YOU, is the best investment I've ever made. Ever. Better even than my PhD, and every other thing... that I won't list right now. I wish everyone had a Terra."

Rana SabraUniversity Marketing Professor, Marketing & Business Strategist, Philanthropist & Mama

Terra Rose is so inspiring. Her words, her thoughts, and her energy are truly uplifting and motivating. She is a powerful speaker, and a skillful healer. Just being around her makes me feel better! She is soulful, grounded, lively, and committed to helping people create real change in their lives."

Dr. Tara PeymanNaturopathic Doctor of Medicine

My experience working with Terra is pure clarity, transformation, and acceleration. Her intuition and coaching is powerful, direct, and reveals exactly what needs to be shifted at that exact moment in order for rapid acceleration towards your goals. Working with Terra, you can expect to learn HUGE lessons in minutes, instead of years. I'm so excited to see many shifts, successes in just a few DAYS. I'm honored to call her a mentor.

Morgan LuluHypnosis Practitioner