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Activate Genius (Mindset)

3 Part Strategy to Create Anything You Want in Life

By January 26, 2017 February 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Gorgeous, we need to get down to some important fundamental truths.

Namely, you are the creator of your life and you deserve joy, love and abundance of everything.

These are not just “feel good” concepts, they are real emotions that create tangible outcomes in our bodies and lives.

Here is the Truth

  • You can’t earn being enough in this life, you already are.
  • You don’t have to meet some kind of “struggle quota” before you can live your dreams, you can live them right now. You became human – that’s enough.
  • You don’t have to look a certain way, speak a certain way or be a certain way in order to deserve what you truly want in the deepest recesses of your heart, you’re already completely deserving.
And, there’s more.
This is the deepest truth about WHO YOU ARE.
It is very important you hear this:
Your are brilliant.
I mean heart-on-fire, shines-brighter-than-a-diamond kind of brilliant.
Your internal, authentic power can move mountains.
You now, at this very moment, hold the whole universe in the palm of your hands.
The world is your playground and it is time to shift into the person you came here to become – FULLY.
That brings us to our strategy.
This strategy gets you living in complete alignment with who you are, what you want, and from a place of flow and joy.
It works, if you are willing to silence the mind long enough to apply the techniques.

The 3-Part Strategy for Creating Anything You Want

1. Re-wire your subconscious mind to know your inherent worth and be focused on joy.
See yourself and your reality the way it truly is, instead of the way you were taught it was.

A client wrote to me recently and said “I recognize this awful mindset that I have that I somehow got and that is – I can’t have success if I’m happy. Money and success only come from completely overworking myself to the point of complete exhaustion and then apathy.”

She’s not alone in this mindset. It is a common one deeply engrained in our culture – work hard, become exhausted, never really get ahead AND if you do – it won’t last.

What a painful belief to carry around that causes ongoing suffering.
It’s time for us to let these go.

Here’s where to start:

Write each of these 3 times, daily, for 21 days:

  • I am phenomenally powerful, courageous and brilliant.
  • I create my life and every part of my reality. I am now creating everything I want!!!!
  • I can do anything I want to, the whole world is my playground!!
  • Money flows to me all day, every day easily and effortlessly. It just shows up in my bank account.
  • I always find a way to experience whatever I want and it always comes to me easily!
  • The universe is on my side and always has my back!
  • Everything happens in perfect timing
  • I am capable of anything, I just have to DECIDE what I want
  • I want: {make an extensive list}
  • I am effective at EVERYTHING I DO
  • My life is a masterpiece
  • All the people in my life are kind, helpful, fun and passionate

2.  Unlock the flow and joy in your body – this helps to heal your being, elevate your consciousness and physically raise your vibration.

  • Eat high vibe foods such as fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, hemp seeds, organic & soaked nuts, spirulina, raw cacao, superfoods
  • Exercise, stretch, sweat
  • Jump up and down or dance for 5 minutes every morning while screaming “YES, THAT’S RIGHT, THIS LIFE IS THE BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN!” This activates change deep in your cells and gets you into a peak state.
  • Look into the mirror everyday and say “hot damn, not that is something GORGEOUS I SEE!!!”
  • Love every inch of you – inside and out – just as she was created.
  • Say “I Love You” 10 times a day while looking into your own eyes.

3. Create an Unshakeable Resolve for What You Want, Allow It to Come and Take Aligned Action

 In this new way of existing, when you think about something, it immediately happens. See, you not get to live in flow, all day everyday.
People always show up to help and the world is a gorgeous, benevolent place filled with joy, smiles and laughter – because that’s what you choose to spread and see. You can have, do and be anything you want.
This last part is the key – what do you WANT?
Answer these in your journal:
I want to look…
I want to feel…
I want to make XXXXX amount of money…
I want to build …
I want to create…
I want to travel…
I want to know…
I want to…
List and list and list until you can’t write anymore. DREAM and DREAM and DREAM. The more it excites you, the more in alignment it is. Do NOT let your mind get in the way and tell you it’s not possible.
Once you’re finished, go back over the list and write one action step you can think of taking this week towards one in each category. Get the energy moving towards what you want!!

4. Turn Off the Noise (If you have followed my work for awhile, you know there’s usually one extra number than I seem to list in the title… I can’t help it… it just.keeps.coming!)

  • Turn off the noise of the world. You have limited real estate in your brain – don’t let garbage take up the space and bring down your vibration!
  • Unfollow, shut down all negativity (news, facebook from negative nancy’s, friends who complain too much… shut.it.all.down.)
  • Turn off the news and the radio – seriously, if the world ends, YOU WILL KNOW.
  • Unfriend negative people on all your social media
  • When you look at someone, make it a habit to genuinely compliment them on one nice thing you notice.

The brain’s trick is to tell you this won’t work and not to even try.
It will tell you this because it’s trying to keep you safe.
The part of you that wants to stay safe does not yet understand that you can actually live in a joyful state of flow and have anything you want, which is way easier than fighting the grind and struggling.

You have to lead the way on this. You have to set aside the thoughts that tell you it won’t work, and get to work.

It is your responsibility to find joy and live your dreams – the world NEEDS YOU SO BADLY RIGHT NOW.

Time to show-up and step-up in a MUCH bigger way.



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Terra began climbing bookshelves before she could walk and spent many of her young days planting & growing sunflowers. She has an insatiable hunger for adventure and a deep desire for all beings to know peace & true freedom. Today, she runs several social enterprise companies, teaches entrepreneurship, speaks all over the country and writes about how to create a conscious life that brings unlimited joy and ultimate freedom. She would love to hear from you. Come on over & connect with her on social.

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