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Let’s talk about your big, wild and crazy dreams.
Wait, did you remember you had those?

(NOT the ones you substituted for the real ones because the BIG ones became “too burdensome”.)

Let’s talk about what you REALLY, deeply, completely DESIRE…

And the secret dreams you’re not acknowledging –
the stuff you’re written off as “too good” to be part of your life.

Let’s talk about the life you’ve “tabled” for later.

Let’s talk about the goals you’re not going after.

Let’s talk about how loud that voice in your head is being about why you CAN’T.
(Insert what it is you’re telling yourself you CAN’T do.)

Let’s get real that it has been WAY too long since you’ve decided you COULD, SHOULD AND DID crush the goals you’ve only dared to dream. 

I want to know, what’s the HIGHEST, BEST version of yourself YOU can imagine?

What does your EXTRAORDINARY life look like?

When was the last time you gave ZERO FUCKS about what everyone else thought, and what they told you to do and …


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Your life isn’t going to stumble upon EXTRAORDINARY.

The dreams?

THE BIG ONES… are not going to just LAND on your lap.

It’s too easy to get caught up in mediocrity…

To live okay. To just get by.

Or to live a good life.

Or even a borderline great life.

And YOUR life … the one you came here to LIVE SO BIG…
The goals you came here to CRUSH…

The purpose you came here to fulfill…

Naturally come with hangups, blocks and sometimes, big, ugly set backs.

It for sure comes with LOUD, OBNOXIOUS
“No-you-can’ts” that your mind will beat you
with until you believe it.

But continuing to let mediocrity win?






Someday, some of these goals will no longer be possible.

Do you want to die with your music unsung?
Your mission unfulfilled?

I know, that you know, that I know… YOU DON’T.

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Working with Terra has been life changing.  Our sessions together have provided me with the positive energy and guidance necessary to implement long term and lasting changes to my life, both in my diet and personal life. Through our work together I have initiated levels of self discovery I never thought possible and break through entrenched negative belief systems.

Terra has assisted me in a journey to higher self awareness and has been an immense blessing in my life.

Philanthropic Giving at Georgetown University
San Francisco, CA


Gorgeous, I understand the hang-ups that happen
when you go after (or just start thinking about) your BIG goals.

And the noise. And the confusion.

And feeling like you just can’t quite get to that place of feeling happy.
Or momentum.
Or consistency.

And it’s HARD to trust people to hold your
dreams as sacred as you do.

It’s really scary to think you could tell
someone your dream and they might laugh
in your face.

It has happened to me, many times.

In fact, one time I had a huge dream I told one of my then supposed mentors about and she supported it.
She told me to put a presentation together and take it to the higher
ups at the university I was at. I did. I was so nervous and excited.

They basically laughed me out of the room.

She knew they would.

She threw me under the bus.

But you know what? This shit happens to all of us
in some form, and we CANNOT let it define us.



WHATEVER dream, secret, pain, fear you share, will be held sacred.

You are no longer alone in all of this.

We will break through your barriers no matter how painful or fearful you feel about them.

And? You will never be judged for it. 

You, your dreams and your future are so incredibly important to me.

I hold the opportunity to be your cheerleader, coach and friend in the HIGHEST regard.

I have your back, through and through.

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Terra has been my go to coach and mentor the past five years. She is extremely savvy at weaving together pieces of lifes puzzles and reconnecting it in a way that is soothing, compassionate, and gently honest.

Terra has very strong intuitive abilities that she hones in to help people feel more grounded, clearer and more inspired than ever about their life path. She has helped me through it all – life transitions, relationships, family issues, insights on next steps, and my business planning.

Terra is one of the most talented coaches that I know that can effortlessly guide her clients back to their path again. She sees people for who they are, reminds them of the good in their hearts, and reignites the fire in their lives to go after their dreams and make an impact.

She will be your forever supporter, cheerleader and angel on your side. She has definetly been mine.

Thank you Terra!

Dominica Zhu, Fort Collins, CO
Social Entrepreneur, Health Coach



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It is damn time to step up and live your life
the way YOU want to.

To listen and act on the message your SOUL is screaming at you about.

Break the fucking rules of how life is supposed to be done.

Close out the world who says you can’t,
or shouldn’t or you’re crazy.

Come inside and close the doors behind you.

It will be deep, sometimes tough, soul work.
But who cares?
You didn’t come to live luke warm.
Who cares if other people don’t understand your drive.
Most never will.

This is for you, love.
This is for the world.
This is for every time you said,

“Man, how amazing would it be if…” (and nothing happened)

I’d really like to XYZ …” (and didn’t)

“I will start that this week… ” (but didn’t)

“I want to write that book…” (but haven’t)

“I want to dance again…” (but haven’t)

“I want to have a smokin’ hot body…” (but still don’t)

“I want to make more money…” (but aren’t)


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2 Sets of 90 Day Goals | Private + Group Support

  • Learn an exact system to connect to your soul, set kick ass goals and ACCOMPLISH them, over and over and over again;

  • Access to private coaching to get clarity where you’re confused, create action steps and move FAST towards your goals;

  • Become part of an amazing, supportive team;

  • Cultivate an inner voice that makes you unstoppable;

  • Set yourself up for 2016 and beyond to live the life you’ve only dared to dream;

  • Identify the blocks and break through old habits that keep you from having the life you want;

  • Give to yourself so you can give BIG to the world;

  • Learn how to tune into, and fiercely trust your intuition/inner guidance on everything;

  • Become the highest fucking version of yourself you can imagine (or can’t even imagine yet);

  • Learn how to connect with JOY and constantly get yourself back to this state of feeling;

  • Get out of your own way and crush life.

  • Get back to love, babe. It’s all about the love. And the joy.

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√ Health/Fitness/Body

√ Finances/Job/Purpose for Cash


√ Spirituality/Connection/

√ Play/Growth/Education

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√  In a private 45 minute call with me, you will get crystal clear on your goals fully aligned with your soul

√  In you private support calls monthly, we address challenges, blind spots and blocks you’re having, connect to your soul for support and clear the way

√ In your private Facebook Group, I will answer any question or hangup you have in 24 HOURS OR LESS! Plus, you have 24/7 access to a brilliant team of leaders on the journey with you who have your back 100%

 Tailored monthly Class Calls depending on what our team of women need most. Listen in, ask questions and create personal breakthroughs.

Topics are things that tend to plague us when we’re going big towards our goals – like fear, abandonment, not valuing self, not feeling worthy, procrastinating on our real goals and how to approach it from a soul angle.

√ Get massively inspired and held accountable daily through videos and resources posted in your Facebook Group

√ Track, record, reflect and move forward FAST with the support from your gorgeously designed digital journal as your guide for the experience

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Your goals. Accomplished. 

Consistency that makes you UNSTOPPABLE

 Outrageous confidence in your life, your body AND the ability to make crystal clear decisions from inner power and strength

√ The exact method understood and implemented that keeps you in constant communication with your intuition and guidance

√ A system you have USED and REFINED according to what YOUR soul wants to set and crush your goals

 Find your true joy, let challenges roll off your back and be able to enjoy the ebbs and flow of life

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Private Coaching Calls Start December 9th

Official program kick off is on January 4th

**ONLY 25 spots open – FIRST come, FIRST SERVE.

As SOON as you enroll, we schedule your goal-crush call and you get to leverage the first few weeks to mentally prepare and learn new strategies I share.



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On the other side of figuring out WHAT I wanted, finding my JOY, applying some simple kick ass tools and utilizing amazing support, I’ve created AMAZING results in my life and coached hundreds of people to do the same.

So many multiple times, the COOLEST stuff has happened in no time flat with focus, clarity, hustle and soul.

And I want that for you. SO BADLY.

I have your back, okay? You and I … PLUS your support team are going to

There’s nothing that feels better than putting the noise of this world on mute and doing what YOU want to do, for you. Setting BIG goals and making them happen.

With the methods I’m going to share in this program (on how to set goals, tune into your body, listen to your soul, hustle and receive), in the last five years, I have:

  • Moved to and thrived in New York, Maui, Santa Barabara, CA, Silverton, CO, Austin, TX and now… Phoenix, AZ;
  • Founded 2 non-profits;
  • Founded a Women’s Nutrition Coaching Company;
  • Founded a superfoods company;
  • Lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks;
  • Met the man of my dreams;
  • Touched over 2000 kids with the principles of organic gardening;
  • Wrote a Smoothie Ebook;
  • Become an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship;
  • Reconnected with important people in my life;
  • Learned how to connect to my own joy on demand;

This is the tip of the ice burg.

2016 is going to be a HUGE year for me and I would love to do it with you.


Top left, that’s my favorite, super sexy human Justin. We’re at the rock climbing gym in this photo, something I took up when I was 18 and still LOVE doing.

Middle, that’s after loosing 22 pounds and loving the strength and joy I found in feeling like myself again.

Top right is a photo of some samples from my company, Body Brilliance. Proud little business mom right here 😀



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A warm evening in May 2014, a friend came by my apartment to say hi.

As I turned back around from pouring some water – I found him plopped down on my couch, arm dangling toward the floor in total emotional agony.

“Dude. What is going on?”

He said,

“I am $2k over budget on a $22k project and he still need several thousand to finish. 

And I have $34 to my name. I’m $10k in debt to my mom and I have $0 coming in.

Let’s not talk about the fact that I’ve gained 30 pounds and I’m drinking like a fish. And feel like complete shit. 

I’m thinking about quitting.”

This wasn’t just any project either – this was his life’s work, huge passion project that would determine the next year, or more of his career.

This was his life work. His passion. 15 years in the making.

And he was going to fold.
To call it done.

AND…what you have to know about him, is that he’s a complete badass. Complete. He does personal growth work like you WOULD NOT BELIEVE.

He knows the principles. He can talk and work circles around most people I know.

And yet, he was in this position.

Just because he knew the principles and had an insane work ethic (when properly applied), he was still missing a few major things.

After he said this to me, I looked him right in the eye and said,

“You are not fucking quitting.”

And I told him we were going to try something.

Here, the 90 day Goal Crush Experience was born.

We set several goals, his top 3 WERE:

√ Make $12,000 from my life’s purpose;

√ Finish and release my new record;

√ Lose 30 pounds and get into the best shape of my life;


√ He made over $12k in 90 days

√ Lost the 30 pounds

 √Became confident again

√ Finished and launched his new record

He hustled his ass off. He stayed accountable. He opened up to the possibilities of a new way of living and approaching life.

He went all in.

And CRUSHED it. Big time.

No matter what your goals are, YOU CAN TOO. If they need to take a little bit longer than 90 days, who cares? We can make that happen, TOO.





You probably won’t like it – you will probably love it!

But… If that isn’t the case, you can cancel.

Here’s the deal:

Don’t sign up if you’re not ready to have a super cool life chalked full of accomplishments, connection, hustle, soul and love.

Procedure: Give me a call and walk me through what’s not working for you. Once you make a payment for the month, you have access for the entire month. For example, if you cancel on the 2nd day of the month, your membership will be good through the last day of that month.

Once payments are made, they are non-refundable.



It’s NOT waiting for you.

In 180 days, you will either be the person you’ve wanted to be for SO long, or you won’t.

The choice is yours, the support, tools and team are available.

Don’t wait.