Story & Vision

In 2015, Terra set out on a journey to craft the world’s most inspiring lifestyle company. Along the way, she created an insanely delicious, vegan, sprouted, bioavailable protein powder, an antioxidant blend, beeswax candles and several other products that quickly became well loved all over the country.

At the end of 2016, upon some challenges with suppliers and, since the company was still small enough, Terra took a huge (and heartbreaking) risk, decided to pause sales and head back to the drawing board. It was a very tough choice for her because she absolutely loves her Brilliance Community and did not want to make the product unavailable.

She took the risk because she wants to provide them products that are beyond extraordinary and truly next level in every single way. She believes this mission is worth the bit of extra wait time. She is now working tirelessly with a team to up-level the current products far above and beyond what she had done, and what has ever been done in the market.

With a re-release date in 2018, you’re in for something amazing.

If you want to know when the products are back, add your name and e-mail above and you will be the first to find out!

As you may already know, each branch of TRG Life and any company Terra is affiliated with has a mission driven social component that goes along with it.

When Body Brilliance releases its new line in 2018, it will also begin its mission to feed 100,000 people in need in the first 3 years running. Terra firmly believes that changing someone’s physiology, beginning with food, can absolutely change their life.

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New Product Standards

Beyond Organic

Pure (actually pure, not marketing “pure”), Bioavailable, Digestible, Powerful, BRILLIANT nutrition in every scoop that heals, strengthens and enlivens your body allowing you to live your greatest life, ever.

Badass, Unique, Cutting Edge Design

Sexy and tastebud tantalizing to look at (we start eating with our eyes and prepare our body for what it will take in by what we see), fun to hold, touch and fondle and the easiest thing you’ve ever used to better your body and make your health phenomenal.

Taste That Blows Your Mind

Enough said.

Highest Possible Vibrational Structure of Molecules

Most packaged food is… dead. There is no vibrational frequency left in it because of the denaturing processes of well, processing food. While it can deliver some nutrients, it can not deliver the same ENERGY that living foods can. Each new product will be produced.

Exceptional Seed-to-Mouth Practices

We know our farmers, our soils and our entire process. We are wild about mineralized, nutrient dense and tested soils that have the correct hydration techniques for the plants to properly uptake nutrients. When the plant is ready for harvest, we ensure it is done in a way that keeps all the nutritive value in place and the same goes for the processing piece. We take it all the way with the power of nature on our side.

Sustainable Packaging

This one is extremely tough in the food industry, but Terra and her team are working tirelessly to figure out a phenomenal solution for the products.

Immediate Access, Great Delivery

The product should be in your hands as quickly as possible so you can use it and feel great. No compromise.

Customer Service that Makes You Glow

Whatever you need, we have your back.

Partnerships that Rock the House

Every person who is part of the company must align with our values of love, community, respect, planetary conservation, optimal wellness, pursuit of excellence and sustainability. It is critical to us that we have people on our team we trust and who share our values so we can ensure every single batch is the best it possibly can be.