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Your body is designed to heal, and together we will help it remember how to do so 

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Tuning in...

Your body knows how to, and wants to, heal. Together, we will remind it how to do so through gentle energy work…


If we haven’t met, my name is Terra Rose. Since I was little, I’ve had a deep aversion to suffering, and a desire to do everything I can to help alleviate it.

I always felt weird growing up and like I didn’t fit in. I seemed to just understand people and feel their pain, never wanting to cause more. The weird thing was that I felt like people truly saw, or understood me. For a long time, I felt like a misfit and desperately wanted to fit in – you know, eat white bread and laugh at things I didn’t find funny… those types of things.

I wanted to be good-enough for a world that didn’t understand me.

This led me to seek a phenomenally deep level of personal understanding.

Over the last 10 years, I have studied multiple health disciplines including energy medicine, holistic nutrition, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, exercise science, raw-superfood nutrition and disease reversal.

Today, I practice energy medicine, taking into consideration each of these modalities for optimal healing.

I have taken the best of everything I’ve studied so far and put it together for you.

It has been my unwavering passion for every person to feel seen, and loved for who they are, plus… have a modality that helps them heal at their core.


Nothing is canned, but rather, it’s all personalized.

There are no lengthy intake forms.

Everyone is different.
There is NO one size fits all.

And together, we can create magic.


Bodytalk is a consciousness based health care system.

Our aim is to set up conditions for the body in such a way that it is balanced enough to heal itself. We do this through reconnecting the energies that have become overstressed or taxed and have stopped effectively communicating with each other.

We have functioned in a primarily Cartesian model of health care in which we have a doctor for the kidneys, the liver, the legs, etc. This model has served us well in many ways. However, it has led us to dissect the parts of our bodies, instead of harmonize them.

Our wellbeing and general comfort in life is dependent on our bodies being fully in harmony with themselves, connected and having each part speak to the others.


In a BodyTalk Session, you can expect:

√ An intuitively led session based on what your body needs and provided by biofeedback from your body.
When we meet, you will tell me what’s going on in your life while I tune into your energy. From here, we discover what your body-mind most wants on that day to heal and re-energize.

√ 100% personalized one hour experience

√ Sessions in a gorgeous, quiet, private space or via phone

√ Tailored sessions to optimize, energize and help your body, mind and soul align

√ Mindfulness + mindset techniques integrated to help you deeply nourish and restore your body

√ Initial {free} 15 minute phone consult to see if we’re a great fit

√ You + me and a restoration to your healthiest self

There will be a combination of:

  • Breath work
  • Tapping on the head and heart (an ancient healing principle)
  • Holding different areas on the body to help them reconnect the energies and heal
  • Post session “homework” to take home and continue healing

Besides having an extensive background in energy medicine and healing, I am also a results based coach focused on helping you create results that are sustainable and continue to elevate you and your life.


Aude MonsonNatural Pharmacist

Well, I have to say that a session with Terra-Rose compares to nothing I had experienced before! First, her personality is stunning. Just being with her brings me joy, by the positive energy she shares, and her incredible presence. Her fairy fingers gently reach out my hands and head, scanning for what my body has to say. The energy shifts can be felt immediately! I deeply appreciate working with Terra, in both love and respect. I am grateful that she can open my eyes without making me feel like a puppet in her hands. And the benefits are powerful!

Dr. Lisa GoldRelationship Therapist

Terra is one of the most talented healers I have ever met. She's deeply loving, caring and incredibly talented. This is better than years of therapy.

Lizzie JordanFundraiser for Georgetown University

Working with Terra has been truly life changing. Our sessions together have provided me with the positive energy and guidance necessary to implement long term and lasting changes to my life, both in my diet and personal life. Through our work together I have initiated levels of self discovery I never thought possible and break through entrenched negative belief systems. Terra has assisted me in a journey to higher self awareness and has been an immense blessing in my life.

Lois NichollsWomen's Coach

Terra is genuine love and light!! Her gifted abilities of Intuitiveness and knowledge of the physical and spiritual body, have guided me in identifying and breaking through barriers. The work I've done with Terra has been some of my life’s most transformational and healing work!

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