Welcome - It's so nice to meet you...

I live by the idea that …

Anything is possible, you are the architect of your life & this moment is yours to make the most of (or this planet is our playground  or  magic exists).

And? This is our time to live fully alive, leave nothing on the table, create brilliance (or build organizations / projects that shift consciousness (or shift the world), and make BOLD moves that shake the world, TOGETHER.

My Roots

I distinctly remember declaring to my mom around 3 years old that I would, in fact, be saving the world. Around the same time, my mom introduced me to the pure glory of a seed – a sunflower seed to be specific – and a top-cut-off gallon milk jug.

We collected soil, filled the jug and sunk the seed. To my sheer delight and dazzled excitement, it sprouted and grew to be taller than I was.

As I grew up, I often climbed and swung from the branches of my Grandparents’ grapefruit tree, enjoying the juicy fruit for breakfast often. Besides that, I didn’t do a lot of planting.

Fast forward to college, one fateful day my freshman year…

Throughout my twenties, I explored and tried-life-on in all sorts of ways. Between moving around the country to include parking my couch in New York City, Hawaii (I left my couch in storage when I moved there :D), Austin TX, Santa Barbara CA, Silverton CO and Seattle WA building several entrepreneurial ventures, gaining multiple certifications in superfood nutrition, peak performance & energy medicine, studying with the worlds best in multiple disciplines… the thing I can tell you this decade did for me was teach me about me.

I learned myself inside, out.
I discovered how I break.
I discovered how I build.
I discovered how I sabotage my own efforts.
I discovered how I lead.
I discovered how I refused to lead when I needed to lead bigger.

And I became the kind of woman who wasn’t afraid to break,

Or go broke,
Or leave,
Or fail,
Or lose touch with her only trustworthy guidance system (her intuition)
Or tear it all apart and start again,

And again,
And again.

I became this woman because I broke over and over, and went broke over and over, and left over and over, and lost touch with my intuition to the tune of such a deafening silence I actually became convinced (from very “sure” external sources) that it was all “hocus pocus.”

I learned that sometimes I tore things apart, because I was afraid to succeed. and not because I really needed to (hello painful, sobering realization).

Here’s the thing I now know,

There is no competition in this entire world for the one who walks their own path,

Who breaks,
Walks away,
Or tears it all apart to only start again and again again.

All the while, supporting others in rising, building and being their best.
Because, actually no… your power is NOT determined fully by where you’re AT in this moment… but rather, by the grit & grace of your soul that’s been MADE from what you’re been through.

There is a force that resides in the woman who has built herself day by day (often moment by moment). Something much more powerful than anything earthly.

… and this woman is capable of anything because she does not live by the law of fleeting ideas, she’s here to stay, build and rock the world right back to its feet.

As for me…I’m focusing all of the tools I’ve built over the last decade+, combined with my I AM presence as my internal guidance system to build an international organization that looks a little bit like this…

Meet Brilliant Planet

… a nonprofit organization with a mission to seed and sow organic living laboratories and edible education to nourish the bodies, hearts and minds of kids & families everywhere.

We  do this by creating opportunities through their programs for people to reconnect with nature, each other and themselves. We do this by teaching individuals and families how to transform into life a Brilliant Eco Lifestyle, by showing them the possibilities through different modes of growing and preparing their own organic food – all within a supportive community.

We imagine a world where each person lives in paradise, connected to themselves, the planet and each other.

Through our 3-pillar strategy of Eco-Learning & Play Destinations, Partnerships & Community Outreach, plus Ongoing Research,
we aim to share the magic and wonder of growing your own biodynamic food and the new possibilities that open up for families and individuals with this way of living.

As For You...

Remember, sister?

Remember when IT was ALL possible.
When your imagination ran wild and you didn’t question it…

When you acted out what you saw in your mind with your best friends…Remember when?

You were living in a frequency of possibility and potential.
Passion & play.

And… you didn’t lose that. You didn’t somehow become “broken” (although the world would love to convince you otherwise).

You didn’t suddenly become incapable of creating outrageously amazing things just because

Let me ask you…

Do you find yourself dreaming of meeting people who, like you, harbor visions of bringing the world back to her feet?

Do you imagine a life filled with the igniting + inspiring experiences of being caught, held and launched by and with people of passion who come together?

Me too.

Babe, if you’ve read this far and are already cool with me calling you “babe” (because I nick-name everyone thanks to my college bestie & roommate), then here is what I’ve got next for you…

Tune Into Your Impact

It’s the frequency we’re talking about.

Right now, you can go LIVE your life with the backing of an exclusive crew dedicated to:

Tuning IN to trustinng themselves and their vision
Tuning out the noise of the world
Making a tangible impact in the world by taking MASSIVE action
Connecting to ttheir unstoppable power


But wait, Utilizing years of high voltage coaching plus actual real life results, I have created the space and curriculum to help leaders like you
align purpose and passion with sustainable implementation and action.

Tune In Now:


Oh yes, the professional bio...

National speaker, bio-energetic practitioner and quantum brilliance lifestyle visionary, Terra Rose Ganem utilizes high frequency energy, activated nutrition & earth reconnection to support clients worldwide in activating & living their true potential.

Through her private practice, immersion retreats, an eco destination and presentations, she connects the relationships between our internal and external environments to elevate and optimize living through consciousness & embodiment of inner power – resulting in living the best life ever!

Terra shares applicable tools that merge ancient wisdom and modern technology in her practice, Quantum Brilliance, that allows people to quickly, with ease & grace, breakthrough the old and create the future they want. She is known as the “one you must go see,” by many of her client’s.

She also leads a nonprofit organization called Brilliant Planet, dedicated to seeding and sowing biodynamic eco destinations that share the magic of growing organic food & the power of connecting to community. All are welcome!

You can catch up with Terra at terraroseganem.com