You can do, be and have anything…

And? Right now, this moment – YOUR LIFE – is your time:

To unleash your dreams,

To change the world,

To accept only the BEST of everything in all areas of life,

To give fear the FINAL boot,

To become unstoppable by connecting with your soul, living your purpose, and shining your light.

Let’s do this.

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Terra is an outside-the-box social entrepreneur, speaker & paradigm shaker… 

You and me? We have things to do.

You’re special. You’re powerful. You’re here to unleash your dreams into the world to help the world find peace again.
No matter how you do it – IT MATTERS.

I started building organizations, and then non-profits while I was still in college. I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur (I didn’t even know what one was), I just knew things had to change in so many ways – and I have always followed my heart and just done it. 

Now, I have two companies and a non-profit that originated from visions in my mind and dreams in my heart. I made a promise a long time ago: I will live the best life ever (never settle) and I will live with no regrets.

I’ve created a lifestyle I love, in which my standards are very high for everything – relationships, community, company values, giving back, optimal nutrition and health, healing and how we approach EVERYTHING. I seek the best ever in each area for me and do not compromise.

I’m here (on TRG Life – this website and business) to shine a big flashlight on what’s possible for you, provide tools for you to break out of fear, share the lifestyle behind living an eco-luxe, in-flow, purpose driven life and ensure you find your JOY & FLOW to have the best of EVERYTHING.

My motto is “In Joy & Flow, Anything is Possible” and it defines how I live – in the moment, pursuing my passions and always dreaming bigger. 

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I’m on the go, living in flow and growing the dreams everyday…

[vc_willow_quotes_carousel auto_rotate=”4500″][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Dominica Zhu, SSG Strategic Advisor (Seattle, WA)”]Having Terra on your team is like having a best friend, kickass coach + superhero all in one.[/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote cite=”Ellen McDow, Clinical Therapist (Phoenix, AZ)” el_class=”quote”]Terra has helped me in ways that I didn’t know were possible before I met her.[/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Katie Brown, NBC Universal (Boulder, CO)” el_class=”quote”]Her insights have been more valuable to me than any amount of therapy. [/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Laura Charnofsky, Senior Regional Director at BBYO (Phoenix, AZ)” el_class=”quote”]Working with Terra is life-changing.

[/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Lizzie Jordan, Fundraiser for Georgetown University (San Francisco, CA)”]Through our work together I have initiated levels of self discovery I never thought possible and break through entrenched negative belief systems.[/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Kristy Hyllen, Teacher (Sacramento, CA)”]With Terra, there are no excuses and no obstacles.  With Terra, there is only success and a bright future![/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Allison Bergstedt, Executive Assistant (Phoenix, AZ)”]I wake up excited about life for the 1st time ever and am loving everything about being alive. It’s the BEST, the BEST!!![/vc_willow_quote][vc_willow_quote title=”Section” cite=”Elizabeth Lassuy, Architect (Phoenix, AZ)”]You are teacher, you are teaching me with such graciousness and with such amazing insight to listen to and believe in myself!![/vc_willow_quote][/vc_willow_quotes_carousel]
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