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Hey You!

Do you start and stop your personal spiritual practice often? 

Do you ever feel like you’re doing great & suddenly BAM! Deflated by Negative Nancy’s?

Are you sick of being told that you’re too much, over the top or feeling MISUNDERSTOOD?

Do you feel you have a light inside that you can’t quite seem to fully express consistently?

Have you always just felt “different,” like you don’t quite fit in? 

Do you crave feeling more connected to yourself, to life & to people who ACTUALLY GET IT? 

Do you want to fully architect/CREATE your life and build an UNSHAKEABLE foundation from your INNER POWER & PERSONAL GUIDANCE? 

Ready to be surrounded by others who SHINE and lift you UP?

Do you want to learn how to deeply connect to source/universe and govern your entire life through your SOULS VOICE?

Do you want to create complete badassery & brilliance in every area of your life? (Body, finances, job, purpose, EVERY THING?)

Yes?? Yes… YES!!!!

If you’re feeling it…

You’ve found your place.

You’ve found your people.

You’ve got unlimited support.

And your timing is PERFECT.

Come live life’s adventure with wild in your eyes … fire in your heart … passion pumping your veins … & spirit as your compass.

Get out and fully live, gorgeous. I’ll show you how to quiet the fear, live from your inner magic & finally BE FREE to express & experience…

Here’s the thing…

We only get to live each day once.

Looking back and knowing that you LIVED IT FULLY because you UNLEASHED your magic will be one of the most rewarding things about life.

Your dreams. Your purpose. Your personal magic is WANTED & NEEDED.

ALL of the parts of you are WONDERFUL… ALL OF THEM:

~ Your unwavering strength.

~ Your unstoppable courage.

~ Your gentleness.

~ The way you bring more light into the world through who you are… your BEINGness.

~ Your magic.

~ Your vulnerability, pain & the things that have left scars.

~ Your heart.

~ Your commitment to your internal work that helps you fully SHINE.

~ Your integrity.

~ Your mission.

~ Your laughter.

~ The way you protect & stand for the world.

~ Your playful ways.

We see it like you feel it … you live IN this world but you’re not OF this world.


And here,  WE GET THAT.

We want to embrace all of the amazing things about you.

There is no more need to not express parts of yourself in the effort to find the one part of you that’s “acceptable” to share.


This space was made to help you connect to ALL OF YOUR LIGHT & LIVE JOYFULLY ALIVE!!


It’s safe to care AND be cared for.

Its safe to be seen.

It’s safe to be ALL OF you.

Inside the  Membership: 

Learn to Meditate & Participate in Powerful Weekly Group Meditations

Learn Tools to Create More Joy in Your Life & Get a Daily infusion of positive energy

Learn & practice positive, powerful SELF TALK

Learn & practice how to use MANTRAS that actually WORK to your benefit

Hang out ONLINE with an AMAZING PRIVATE FB community of like-minded, uplifting people & be immersed in positive energy – 24/7

Tune in to a Monthly Live Workshop with guidance on how to live from your inner power

WHEN YOU LIVE FROM YOUR INNER POWER, YOU CAN CREATE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING IN EVERY AREA!!! (Sexy body, amazing relationships, phenomenal abundance, brilliant spiritual connection, ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!!!!!)

A SAFE place to ask questions, share challenges, get feedback & SHOW YOUR HAPPY – 24/7


Connect to, embrace and live the truth of your soul… instead of what society tells you that you “should” be.


>>> Embody your fullness and live from the overflow. <<<

 >>> Don’t do life feeling so alone anymore. <<<

>>> It really can be… THE BEST EVER. <<<

RECAP: Everything You Get Inside

A month-month private membership with NO contract and you can cancel anytime you want

(although I know you’re going to LOVE it here!!)

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What People Are Saying

“"It just seems like when we are together, you are so in tune with yourself like you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going. I was just curious how you got there because I want that too." ”

LeightonPurdue Student

“I just wanted to let you know that I've been feeling really empowered and comfortable in my own skin lately (give or take a few misc road bumps). I don't think I've ever really felt that way, at least for long periods of time, and I know it's largely due to the work you've been doing with me. So, thank you for the bottom of my little Sonic heart!!”

SheilaFilm Director

“Thank you for your continued encouragement and seeing in me something I can't yet see in myself. Something is happening, my inner landscape is changing and I'm grateful for you and holding me in your light. I'm humbled by it! So humbled by the way you so freely give of your light to me.”

AubryMama of 5 & Women's Leader

“Terra ignites something inside of me. She helps me take action where I've previously felt stuck and helps me feel like I can do anything.”

DaniteNaturopathic Doctor

“Terra is genuine love and light!! Her gifted abilities of intuitiveness and knowledge of the physical and spiritual body, have guided me in identifying and breaking through barriers. The work I've done with Terra has been some of my life’s most transformational and healing work!”

LoisWomen's Coach

“Terra has a genuinely authentic and positive spirit you can’t get enough of. Her energy is contagious. One thing I am certain of – Terra is who you are looking for if you're ready to take your life to a new level.”


Who is Terra Rose Ganem {your host}

Dedicated to helping people create a life of freedom, Terra Rose Ganem uses the platform of entrepreneurship as an avenue to unleash her dreams to the world, serve her community and do it from a place of total alignment with her soul. She leverages the powerful life and business lessons being an entrepreneur offers to help others reconnect to their authentic inner power through her coaching and speaking.

She is highly intuitive and uses this gift to greatly shorten the distance between those she works with and their success. Her methodologies create confidence in their natural skills and build on their existing inner strengths.

This site is home to TRG Life where Terra shares the lessons, experiences, and tools she has to help you ignite and cultivate your authentic inner power, living from a place of joy and flow to make your biggest dreams a reality.

Additionally, she may be the world’s biggest fan of alliteration, walking around barefoot and raw chocolate. She loves all things adventurous/outdoors, thought-provoking conversations about the universe and is currently traveling the country with her husky, Cairee.