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Activate Genius (Mindset)

Intimidated by someone (or life) or nervous for a meeting? This will help.

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Our culture likes to constantly set us up to feel unworthy and not good enough, for whatever flavor of reason is for the moment.
The truth is, the greatest energy always wins. Your only focus when creating what you want in your life (because you are 100% in control, as of now) is the energy you bring to the table.

Here’s the Recipe: 

1. Focus on the energy you are surrounded by. As yourself, are the people, places and experiences I’m choosing bringing AMAZING vibes to my life?
If not, reconsider.

2. Focus on the energy you feel inside. Is it subpar or melancholy? Sad? Depressed? Ask yourself what’s going on. You will always get an answer. Sometimes, you don’t like the answer… but if you’re brave enough to follow it, it will transform how you feel, and likely, your entire life.

3. Focus on BUILDING your energy. Bring new experiences into your life that make you laugh, that gives you energy (like eating tons of vegetables and meditating), like following your dreams with incredible passion hot on the trail of making them successful
Now… if you have a specific situation coming up that you feel intimidated by or nervous about, here is how to:

Break through, shine & show up as UNSTOPPABLE:

1. Take nice deep breaths into your belly (Hey! do not skip this part, it’s very important. Deep breathing may seem simplistic and easy, but it controls how you’re feeling, the thoughts you think, how your body heals, basically every part of your life, everyday of your life.) 
2. Remember that your love, presence, and ability to see the truth of who people really are is your greatest gift.
 3. Also, if you’re intimidated by a meeting you’re going to and the people who will be there, remember that they really need and yearn to be seen. Everyone does. This is not a case by case basis, this is EVERYONE without exception. People want to be seen, felt and loved for WHO THEY ARE.
Perfectionism isn’t at all real, mastery is.
You can bring your relaxed, confident, loving presence to them and they will internally relax.
This will create a gorgeous space between words and with your energies to give the most to each other possible.
The end.
(Yes, darling, it’s really this simple. All GREAT things are simple. Easy? Meh. Simple? For sure. I love you. GO GET ‘UM!)

“Being unstoppable is a mindset paired with a meditative way of being –  life lived at a whole new level. This is who you are. Make bold moves, babe. The world needs your activated genius.”


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