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38 Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self

By March 23, 2017 2 Comments

As I say goodbye to a decade that taught me well, I reflect on the most important lessons I have learned and would have told my 20 year old self.

Now a decade wiser, a decade more confident, and certainly a decade more humble, here’s what I have to say to her:

  • Each person who comes into your life is there for a reason. Embrace them. Ask them a lot of questions. Learn.
  • Hire a personal trainer, a coach, an entire suite of people who know WAY more than you do in every area. And? Hire the best.
  • Along with number one, you will think for a long time you have something to prove by doing it all alone. Darling, you don’t. The sooner you build teams, the better.
  • You feel different because you are and it’s okay.
  • The burning passion that pulses through your veins will never ever go away no matter how hard you try. The faster you embrace it instead of trying to numb it, the better off you’ll be.
  • Further more, no one knows your body or life like your intuition does. Trust it more, sooner.
  • A lot of people won’t love you. It’s okay, they’re not your people.
  • You will lose yourself. To the tune of COMPLETELY. But? You have to in order to have conviction in who you really are and a necessary perspective on life for when you come back around.
  • Friends will change quickly, it’s okay. Even when it hurts, remember there are always people more in alignment on the way.
  • Using more than 3 squares of toilet paper is wasteful andddd borderline irresponsible. So, yeah girl yeah, be mindful.
  • Money is important. As much as you want to live off of doing good… know that you can do SO MUCH MORE GOOD when your needs are more than taken care of.
  • Fitting into a box hurts and it’s hard. Try to do that less and quit all together ASAP.
  • Curling your eyelashes is not as scary as it seems. Even though it took you until 29 years and 2 months old to do it.
  • You will have pivotal, life changing friends that come into your life. Hold them tight. And send them Birthday cards for Peet sake.
  • Play more.
  • Laugh more.
  • Have wayyyyy more fun and worry less.
  • Lighten up, ALL the pieces will come together, it will just take longer than you wanted it to.
  • But, to the point of the last one, you live a perfectly timed life… sooo there’s that. Andddd enough said.
  • Start investing. Study money. It’s really fun! Budget and enjoy the process.
  • The perfect men will come into your life. 4 of them over 10 years. Each one will have huge gifts to give you. None of them will be IT. Don’t settle. Do embrace them. And pay attention to the lessons.
  • You are not fat. You have fat. You will look back on photos and remember thinking how “fat” you felt and be like “dang girl, you looked good.” And you still do. So get over it.
  • Once you discover and unleash all of you, your heart, your purpose and your passion into the world, you will be doing that work all day, everyday for the rest of your life and there is no end to it. Somehow coming to this conclusion will actually set you free because there will no longer be a destination of DONE you are racing towards. You will become excited again to get up tomorrow and do it all again. 
  • Sweat the stress off in the gym or on the trail. Remember how much you love that stuff. Intensity is your thing.
  • Learn how to fight for who and what you believe in. It rounds out the understanding of flow.
  • Discover how to communicate without being passive aggressive, leaving the conversation or crying bc you’re being called out on your shit. Be grateful you have people who love you enough to call you out.
  • Live in flow AND stay grounded.
  • You will learn the magic of AND instead of BUT. It still won’t make sense in every sentence.
  • You will feel really ungrounded for most of your 20’s. Don’t worry, you’ll find home again.
  • Chew your food, eat in peace and make space to cook. Nourishing your body is the best fit you can give yourself.
  • You’re going to have the best intentions and screw up a lot anyway. Get comfortable with taking owndrtship and apologizing when appropriate. Making it right and moving on.
  • To that point, don’t take responsibility for other people’s mistakes. Help them own it and be better communicators for it.
  • This is going to shock you when you finally grasp it but people lie. For a lot of reasons. It’s okay… just don’t let them get away with it when it pertains to your own life.
  • Joy and hustsle, aka: flow and massive action are soulmates, you don’t have to choose one or the other. They are meant to be. Tattoo that on your arm.
  • Sometimes you will feel like you’re flying and sometimes like you’re 6 feet under. Neither one define you.
  • Looking good will make you feel good. Dress up, show up and never give up. Cliche, but true.
  • Learn to be your own champion, you’re already a great champion for others.
  • Cheap sunglasses and sweat will never mix. They WILL keep slipping off your face. Stop trying that combo at any time.
  • When you finally discover you don’t have to live by a meal plan and embrace a “4 pound pile of vegetables a day,” you will be set free.
  • Running is meditation, put your shoes on and just go.
  • You’re going to overuse the “benefit of the doubt card”… you see the great in people and that’s a gift, but not when it’s at your own expense. Be mindful.
  • You will have to make some very tough calls, give up things that *seem* pleasurable and walk away from good stuff. Don’t worry, it’s always making room for the best.
  • Finally, throw it ALL up to source and go all in. Do it all. At the same time. You will learn that’s just who you are. The right people always show up at the right time to help you. The universe always over delivers bigger magic than you can even fathom and you’ll always land… on your feet? No… you’ll always fly.

It takes a village to raise a 20-something. Thank you to every single person who has been part of my first 30 years. You’ve changed my life. You taught me everything I know about how to stay true to me while being in service to the world.

I am humble to be proud of the woman I am today.


We’re just getting this party started.




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Terra began climbing bookshelves before she could walk and spent many of her young days planting & growing sunflowers. She has an insatiable hunger for adventure and a deep desire for all beings to know peace & true freedom. Today, she runs several social enterprise companies, teaches entrepreneurship, speaks all over the country and writes about how to create a conscious life that brings unlimited joy and ultimate freedom. She would love to hear from you. Come on over & connect with her on social.

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  • Brittney Mata says:

    Wow this is awesome! I’m turning 30 this year too, and I am definitely inspired to write one of my own! Wouldn’t it be cool to actually read advice from us when we turn 40!?

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