Workshop: Learn How to Do Energy Work On Yourself {and Your Family}


April 13, 2019
9:30a – 1:00p
Mesa, AZ

Join in for this energizing workshop where we will activate the power of your hands, breath and presence to tune in to what your body needs in order to create powerful, immediate shifts in your mood, relax your body & mind and help you feel grounded, centered and LIGHT!!

This is a fully interactive, and super fun workshop in which you will practice tools & strategies in class, have a chance to ask all of your questions and leave feeling energized, centered and confident in doing energy tune up’s on yourself AND your family.


  • How to activate your breath anytime, anywhere for immediate shifts in mood & energy
  • How to balance your brain and body for mental clarity, energized peace and joy
  • Strategies to use when you feel “off,” (including anxiety, sadness, fatigue and more)
  • How to use energy work to clear blocks in your life & no longer feel stuck
  • How to calm and energize your mind anytime


    • Practical & Actionable Tools to instantly shift your energy and feel lighter, happier and more free in any moment
    • Strategies you can implement right away and use for life
    • Education on how it all works
    • Workbook to take notes & take home with you
    • Refreshments & Snacks
    • Connection to a Brilliant Community & New Friends
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“I don’t know exactly why, but I feel so much better and completely different. I felt so much more connected to myself and the strength that I have within me. When I got home after the workshop, I slept for 2 hours (which I never do) and woke up feeling calm and rejuvenated. I feel so much lighter since the workshop, and have given up soda, started eating healthier and even hired a trainer. I also feel a lot less scattered at work. I shared the techniques with my daughter who has challenging mood swings and terrible headaches. They have already helped her feel a lot better. I highly recommend this workshop.” – Tricia M.


“Terra communicates these concepts so effortlessly and makes them so easy to understand and implement. This session is 100% necessary and fun!” – Ross B.


“I learned so much! Terra, you are a fantastic teacher. Your passion and care for others really shines through. I left with practical tools that I will use every day. I am excited to see immediate and long term results. Thank you so much.” – Sheila P.


“The workshop was so much fun and educational. I am looking forward to incorporating the healing work into my daily life. Terra is inspiring and energetic and a total joy to learn from.” – Kristine B.


“Wow!! After we did the cortices technique, I could see so much more clearly. My actual eyesight was brighter. I really enjoyed Terra’s energy and enthusiasm. I liked seeing the difference of doing it by myself and with a partner. Both were great.” – Mardell V.


” ‘We learn the technique in order to forget the technique.’ I love this quote Terra said during our session because it shows the spirit of it all: to learn how our body/mind/energy work and to understand them… in order to FEEL it and experience it on our own, and adapt it in to our every day lives. It empowers us to feel confident t in doing these things for ourselves and to trust ourselves. Terra shows the way for it all: learn, feel, experience and commit!!! THANK YOU TERRA!” – Aude M.


“I enjoyed learned techniques to help with my emotional challenges as well as helping me to move out of the fight or flight state. I really enjoyed the cortices technique and I felt very relaxed and peaceful.”  -Alisa B.