Protocol for Wellness {CoVID-19 & BEYOND)

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The blessing in all of this chaos is the time we get to experience to reset our habits and routines.
Namely, the one that includes LOVING our bodies, minds and souls through the actions we take & the thoughts we think as the primary way to create optimal WELLNESS.
So, without further ado, here’s the recommended protocol for right now… and one to adopt moving forward.
The Coronavirus effects the lungs and the intestines, which means we have a few systems/organs we need to focus on to keep CLEAR and HEALTHY.
Those systems/organs include:
– Lymphatic
– Skin
– Liver
– Lungs
– Intestines
If the body is toxic, we must clear the intestines first, and then flush the liver with quality fluids as it will lower the stress on the cell function: mitochondrial epigenetic chemicals.
**See Diets & Info Below:
     A. For the best prevention – Immune diet;
     B. For basic nutritional concepts;
     C. For eliminations –  Elimination aids (everyone should consider doing this every other day for a week!!)

1.  Keep you bowels moving daily, if not do something to have a movement!!!

2.  Rest and take naps, pace yourself; walk, stretch and deep breathe fresh air. Don’t stay up late at night, do not over do it: exercise, work, think & eat.

3.  Do not stress, find peace and know “this time too shall pass.” Meditate and deep breath.  ENJOY 432Hz music (look it up on YouTube).

4.  Limit your exposure to people.  Get some alone time, as that is what the universe is saying anyway 😀

5.  Good hygiene is important; Wash your hands, remove waste & get fresh air in the house.  It is best to use regular soap and water, or for disinfectant – use 10% oregano oil to 90% olive oil on your hands or silver colloidal.
>>> Do not use chemical air fresheners. <<<
Be careful of too much antibacterial hand sanitizers! Harsh Antibacterial applications have a killing effect and in the long run will make the hands more venerable to bad bacteria.  I understand this is a controversial perception.
Soap is better and just as effective:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRqJaZO5yW8&feature=youtu.be

6.  Hydration & Minerals – Have fluids: Teas & water with Concentrace (liquid minerals) grapefruit, lemon, lime, berry concentrates  & greens – chlorophyll in water but no alcohol or sugary beverages, especially artificially sweetened ones.

7.  Have quality foods & smaller meals: Greens, soups, stews & casseroles and SPIRULINA – Do not over eat and especially avoid junk foods & snacks including lots of chips, pretzels, cheese, nuts & concentrated foods which cause constipation.  Avoid sweets, sugar, candy & sweet fruits, also old left over foods as they can be moldy or spoiled.


8.  Sunlight, grounding, being outside and getting fresh air!! This is SO important!!!
Avoid EMF, cell phone, wifi (UNPLUG IT AT NIGHT!!!), microwaves, 3, 4 & 5G, blue light: TV, Monitors, LED devices and light bulbs especially after dark & at night; as these interferes with your blood oxygen, your melatonin (sleep hormone) & deep sleep.
9.  Quality of diet, water & air: Avoid chemicals and pollution as they overload the liver as they effect the immune system; IE good bacteria and intestines.
There is always more but this will give you a good start.
 Send this out to all you Love!
 Love & Gratitude to God and All Light

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