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The world has a lot of ideas about how we’re supposed to live and who we’re supposed to be. Here, we reconnect to inner power, come home to your truth and create an unshakeable foundation you can stand on, for life.

The world needs your light, your visions, YOU. Your time is now.


Lois NichollsWomen's Coach

Terra is genuine love and light!! Her gifted abilities of Intuitiveness and knowledge of the physical and spiritual body, have guided me in identifying and breaking through barriers. The work I've done with Terra has been some of my life’s most transformational and healing work!

Aude MonsoonNatural Pharmacist

Well, I have to say that a session with Terra-Rose compares to nothing I had experienced before! First, her personality is stunning. Just being with her brings me joy, by the positive energy she shares, and her incredible presence. Her fairy fingers gently reach out my hands and head, scanning for what my body has to say. The energy shifts can be felt immediately! I deeply appreciate working with Terra, in both love and respect. I am grateful that she can open my eyes without making me feel like a puppet in her hands. And the benefits are powerful!

Dominica ZhuInternational Development

Terra has been my go to coach and mentor the past seven years. She is extremely savvy at weaving together pieces of life’s puzzles and reconnecting it in a way that is soothing, compassionate, and gently honest. Terra has very strong intuitive abilities that she hones in on to help people feel more grounded, more clear and more inspired than ever about their life path. She has helped me through it all – life transitions, relationships, family issues, insights on next steps, and my business planning. Terra is one of the most talented coaches that I know that can effortlessly guide her clients back to their path again. She sees people for who they are, reminds them of the good in their hearts, and reignites the fire in their lives to go after their dreams and make an impact. She will be your forever supporter, cheerleader and angel on your side. She has definetly been mine.

Lizzie JordanFundraiser

Working with Terra has been truly life changing. Our sessions together have provided me with the positive energy and guidance necessary to implement long term and lasting changes to my life, both in my diet and personal life. Through our work together I have initiated levels of self discovery I never thought possible and break through entrenched negative belief systems. Terra has assisted me in a journey to higher self awareness and has been an immense blessing in my life.

Katie BrownNBC Universal

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to know Terra. Her positive spirit radiates light into your life. Her insights have been more valuable to me than any amount of therapy. She coaches with both wisdom and compassion. She has the ability to guide you into reaching higher levels of yourself and supports your passion for your dreams. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have someone like Terra supporting your self-empowerment.

Kelly AtwoodEntrepreneur

At the time I had my session with Terra, I was doing some massive mindset work on releasing some blocks that I had to receiving a large amount of money. Our time together was deeply healing as Terra created a safe, introspective space, for me to bring awareness to some stuck energies that were coming into play. At the end of it, I felt more able to let go energetically of feelings and patterns that were not serving me anymore. Just five days after the session, I received the money that I had been waiting a year and a half for. Terra's support was a crucial piece in not only me opening up to receive this abundance, but also in walking away from some very old thought patterns and into a new energetic space. I highly recommend doing this deeply transformative work, starting stat!