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Adventure: Finding Wild

Sharkstooth Pass & Giving Fear the Middle Finger

By June 2, 2018 2 Comments

With finger combed bedhead hair & eager doggie eyes, we set out.

Last night, I told a guy I met at a local restaurant about my planned hike up to “Sharkstooth Pass” in the morning.
He asked if I had enough clearance to get over the mile of rugged road that demands 4 wheel drive, landing you at the head of the trail.

It’s definitely off roading,” he informed me, “and I know someone who ripped their transmission out on that road.”

“Yes, of course I have enough clearance.”


I went home and looked up the directions to get to the trailhead and left this morning at 7am with Cai.

We drove about 10 of the 19 miles when service on my phone and map completely died.

I stared at my map, and the blue dot with the arrow spinning in circles having no clue which direction I was going in.

Fine, I thought, I will put my phone down and trust the road signs. 

I followed the ominous signs until I hit a fork in the road.

Said fork did not have a sign, I still did not have service and all I could do was use what little directional sense I had being in a thicket of trees on a back country dirt road.

I went right.
When I came to the next fork in the road (of which it seemed like there were hundreds on this random, unmarked road with ZERO people on it — anywhere), I kept right. Finally, I passed a sign pointing the other way and had a hunch to look back at it. “Sharketooth Pass, Right.”


Following this next road, I questioned every mile whether I was on the right path still or not. Every time I questioned it, a bird seemed to hop out of the woods and fly forward… seeming to say “forward, you’ve got this.”

Cheesy? Maybe.

Helpful? Completely.

Upon coming across the final sign, at another fork in the road, and still with no arrow but a weird and random suggestive direction from the way the sign faced, I entered on to the “rugged road.”

For 1.5 miles, I tested the limits of my new RAV4, and certainly my own adrenaline limits (of which I did not know I even had anymore).

All sorts of thoughts started running through my head…

“Oh seriously, I don’t actually know how to change a tire on this vehicle.
“Both of the guys who told me to buy an Atlas were right.
“If my car breaks down, or falls off the edge of this road, no one will even know… until the next random human comes down this trail. Even then, who knows.
“What if Cai gets sick?
“Why am I actually out here alone? What was I actually thinking?

It’s so rocky. It’s bumpy & steep & feeling a little insane.

Then… I came across a gigantic mud puddle.

Crap. I have no idea how to go through these puddles. I know enough to know you can get stuck super deep in these things. And also, the last time I got a vehicle unstuck was 2009 with my boyfriend in the snow. Should I drive through this? Probably not.

So, I got out and walked over to it, threw a rock in it (because somehow that seemed like a good, legit idea) and stuck my foot in part of it (another, good – legit idea).

This was a perfect test… giving me exceptional ability to decide, of course…

“Nope, not going left. I’m going right through this thing. The worst thing that happens is I get totally stuck, have to wait until someone finds me or have to walk & carry Cai 15 miles back to the house. I can totally do this.”

Meanwhile, I left Cai’s window down completely & she started to climb out, probably thinking “THIS IS NUTS MOM, I’LL WALK.”

I get back in the vehicle and immediately change my mind, go left where the other tire tracks are and gun it.



Another half mile and I arrive at the trailhead.
My entire body shaking & adrenaline pumping… HARD.

Cai and I are completely alone, and there is a board that used to house signs for trail markings… but you’ll never guess… THERE WERE NONE… and here we were again at a FORK IN THE ROAD (TRAIL).

Two trails to choose from, so I go right.
After 1/4 mile, I had a sense that we were on the wrong trail.

We turned around, went back to the beginning and started hiking the trail to the left.

Suddenly, a huge wave of fear came over me again.

“Why am I actually out here alone?
“OMG, are there bears? If we get chased, what do I do? It would eat Cai.
“What if I get elevation sickness? I don’t even know how high this mountain is. Higher than Arizona elevation, obviously. 
“What if I drank too much tea this morning and have too much caffeine in my body?
“I should DEFINITELY TURN AROUND!! (It had only been 1/8 mile at this point).

I kept walking.

I tuned into my breath. Into her breath.
Into the songs of the birds.
Into the sounds of our steps.

Breath. Breath. Songs. Steps. Repeat.

Without even realizing it, all of the fear faded away and I suddenly felt completely in rhythm with nature.

I realized that none of the fears were real anyway. Nothing was going to happen, anyway.

I was way more prepared than my fear-mind was giving me credit for and I DID have a plan if something happened. I always do.
I’m safe alone.
Cai is safe with me.
I’m competent & capable.
There was actually nothing to fear to begin with.

We reached the pass at just over 12,400 feet. It was sunny, windy & cold.

In this moment, I knew Cai and I were both on track back to finding our own versions of wild.
She was no longer engulfed by a life of couches & carpet… and I was suddenly less bound by beliefs & bullshit that I didn’t choose.

I remembered that this, and whatever else my soul desires, I AM BORN FOR… and FULLY EQUIPPED FOR.

So, I ask…

When you come to a fork in the road without a sign, do you turn around or run for it?
Do you decide it’s too risky or say screw it, and go for it anyway?

Will you go forward, especially when it feels so much safer to go back?

What are you waiting for?

Life won’t last forever… and THIS IS YOUR MOMENT.


Today’s Adventure

This is new for her. She’s never stuck her head out the window while driving before… she’s finding her wild. 


Water & wildflowers…

Today’s Work Station

I am in LOVE with being location free. While I have been for a long time, this is the first time of embracing it like this. Everything I need to run 4 companies fits in my backpack.

Today, I’m at a local Cidery in Mancos, CO with the fastest internet in town. This small town is adorable, artsy & the people are SO nice… however, the phone service & internet are questionable… so here we are 😉


Author TRG

Terra began climbing bookshelves before she could walk and spent many of her young days planting & growing sunflowers. She has an insatiable hunger for adventure and a deep desire for all beings to know peace & true freedom. Today, she runs several social enterprise companies, teaches entrepreneurship, speaks all over the country and writes about how to create a conscious life that brings unlimited joy and ultimate freedom. She would love to hear from you. Come on over & connect with her on social.

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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Tracy True says:

    Terra and Cai!

    You guys sent CHILLS up my spine!
    It felt as though I was driving in the car with you, like I was throwing a rock in the puddle, and then my shoe! Yes, I probably would’ve taken off my shoe, thrown it in, having to fish it out and then squish, the rest of the day.

    I love going mapless! My first trip to Ireland. We pretty much knew where we were going to go, we saw everything we had on our list and had a brilliant time! We were traveling by car through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and France. The next trip, we sorta knew where we were going and just as yours did, navigation took its leave!

    What a blessing! We were in awe at what we were discovering …ALL ON OUR OWN!
    So, like Tom Cruise said in one of his movies, “Sometimes, you just gotta say…What the Fuck!”

    Can’t wait for more of our journey! Oops, I mean, your and Cai’s journey!😛


    • TRG says:

      Awe, thank you for sharing your experience reading this! I laughed out loud when you said you would have thrown your shoe in!

      What a fun trip to Ireland… it’s true that much deeper discovery happens when we just look up & allow.
      Thank you so much for sharing… and hats off to the gold ole’ Tom Cruise! 😀

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