“Highly motivating, entertaining, truly… the best ever”

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“As a speaker, it is my mission to ignite hearts, transfer passion and move your audience to take quick action.”


Terra’s delivery is dynamic, exciting and thought provoking. She has a brilliant, undeniable way of igniting hearts, transferring passion and moving people to take massive action.

She presents to audiences both large and small in the context of leadership. As your presenter, she offers riveting adventure stories, humor, and fun.

She fosters ultimate audience engagement, enjoyment and fulfillment and her message will leave your group feeling unstoppable and re-energized with specific next steps to apply in their lives beyond the presentation.

Terra provides:

A Responsive & Easy to Work With Experience

Tailored Keynote Presentations

Breakout Workshops

Her presentation style is:

Relatable & Fun

Passionate, Energetic & Adventurous

Inspiring & Highly Motivating

She presents to:


  • Leadership Strategies

    Designed for top student leaders to discover and apply the mindset, motivation, and peak performance techniques of the world’s most successful people.

  • Professors

    Discover the exact strategy to develop life balance, wellness protocols & set goals to reach new heights in both your professional and personal life.


  • Employee & Team Motivation

    Bring joy and motivation back to the workplace so people love being there, feel more creative, problem solve effectively, crush their goals and partake in building the company to new heights.

  • Executive Leadership

    Discover how to create and apply a lifestyle of health, happiness and peace outside the workplace that takes your performance at work and overall enjoyment of life to a whole new level.


  • Tailored specifically for your event, Terra creatively uses technology, connection, and audience interaction to help them develop and apply the timeless principles of creating an unshakeable inner game.

    On the spot, they learn how to reconnect to themselves, develop unshakeable confidence, craft a mindset that supports their success and watch how it effortlessly takes their lives to new heights.

“Terra Rose is so inspiring…

Her words, her thoughts, and her energy are truly uplifting and motivating. She is a powerful speaker, and a skillful healer. Just being around her makes me feel better! She is soulful, grounded, lively, and committed to helping people create real change in their lives."

- Dr. Tara Peyman

Terra has a genuinely authentic and positive spirit you can’t get enough of. Her energy is contagious. As a speaker, she’s powerful and inspiring and has this uncanny ability to capture the attention of her audience and demonstrate how much she cares. One thing I am certain of – for ANY event or conference, Terra is who you are looking for.

Lissa Regets

Terra ignites something inside of me. She gets me to take action where I have been stuck and helps me feel like I can do anything.

Dr. Danite Haller

Speaking Topics

Terra’s Keynote: How to Live Your Best Life Ever, Starting Immediately

This dynamic and engaging presentation is based on the premise that at the root of all success personally and professionally, there are a core set of principles that govern a person’s life. When one understands why they take the actions they do, for better or for worse, they can upgrade the way they operate and create massive success in every area. You will walk away from this thought-provoking, passion-igniting experience understanding how to stop putting off what you really want, stop negotiating with fear, and start living your best life ever – immediately!

Tailored Presentation Topics:

Optimal, Activated Nutrition for Entrepreneurs & Leaders
Authentic Communication That Breaks Through Barriers & Gets Stuff Done
Motivation for Quick Action & Ongoing Success
Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship
Life Balance for Optimal Wellness
Becoming Fearless: How to Take Bigger Risks for Bigger Reward
Building a Startup Non-Profit or Social Enterprise Company

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