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Stop Beating Yourself Up & Hiding Behind That

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She’s brilliant. She’s led teams to incredible success. She’s built companies, non-profits and is raising kids.

And still, she sat across the table from me and said “I just need to figure out my passions, what I’m good at and where I’m really going.”

It’s common to believe that we aren’t living the right life…

It’s even more common to decide that what we’re already doing isn’t good enough.

We tend to set a super high bar and soar beyond it, only to dismiss what we’ve done… because of course that wasn’t good enough.

Of course the passions we’ve already defined can’t be THE ones – they aren’t acceptable,

Of course what you’re great at isn’t actually good enough,

Of course, if you’re having fun doing what you love – you’re doing it wrong,

And of course who you want to be or who you THINK you SHOULD want to be is FAR greater than who you are.

The truth is,



There was a belief that was deeply wired into the majority of our psyche’s by an environmental factor (whether that be teachers, media, friends, parents, etc. etc.) that simply says “You are not good enough and you’re especially not good enough if you’re doing what you love, having fun, making money at it AND enjoying your life everyday. You’re worthless. No one actually loves you. You will end up alone.”

(There is a LOT to this and how this was wired into us … but I’m going to keep it simple today.)

Even though your beliefs do run your life, they are NOT who you are.
Belief’s that do not serve you can be changed at any time.
You can re-write your beliefs and rewire your brain to believe ANYTHING YOU WANT (take that in for a second).

YOU, who you are at your CORE, your soul & your human are ENOUGH.

One more time: YOU, as you are right now, are ENOUGH.

You will continue to grow, learn and experience – that’s the promise of the human condition.

The VOICE that’s telling you it’s not enough (which you may have to go deep down inside and root out – often it’s pretty well hidden), just needs to understand the TRUTH, which again is THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.


  • What you’re already doing is great,
  • Each day is building on the last – you don’t need to keep starting over.,
  • Who you’ve been deserves as much celebration as who you’re becoming.
  • Chin up, feet on the ground, smile on… today is YOUR day, this is YOUR life.

All-in with source lighting the way,



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