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There is No “Distance to Success”, Have it ALL Now

By February 28, 2017 August 15th, 2017 No Comments
We (the collective of the world) desperately need you to up level everything. I mean, everything… right now.
It is time to take your dreams & visions of how to change-the-world and make them LARGER THAN LIFE.
And also… stop making it so FREAKING hard.
The distance between you and larger-than-life success is so much shorter than you think.
Almost everyone is clogging up the flow of their success in these two ways:
1. Refusing to listen to their own intuition and trust themselves;
2. Putting outrageously tedious rules and systems in place they believe they must follow in order to be successful.
It’s like this:

Imagine your friend tells you they want to build leg muscles.
You think “awesome friend – way to be great.”
Then you ask, “So, what’s your routine?”
They say to you, “Check it out, I have everything planned.
Here’s what I have to do:
  1. Research gyms
  2. Add these all to an excel spreadsheet so I can price compare
  3. Visit them and see which one is nicest
  4. Talk to a few buddies who have gyms they like
  5. Then, I’ll choose one
  6. Oh, right… my routine…
  7. Well, once I have the gym membership, I will look around and see what kind of equipment they have available
  8. Next, I will check out some online resources and design the right routine for me
  9. I’ll easily be able to get into the gym in probably 3-4 weeks”
ALL THAT to start building leg muscles?
The thing is this:
You put rules in place in areas you don’t need to. You’re doing it because you believe you need them. Somewhere along the way you were taught “this is the right way to do it” and you decided to live with that. You believe somehow that all of these are what will make you successful and that if you do it right, find success and accomplish what you started out to, you will be loved.
Let’s get real…this cycle will perpetuate until the day you expire. You will accomplish some stuff, because that’s who you are. BUT. It will never be THE stuff. The larger-than-life stuff burning deep in your heart.
You you don’t time to waste.
You don’t have the next 5 minutes to be unfulfilled because you didn’t go all in, let alone the next 50 years.
You don’t have time to waste on being afraid anymore.
Not a luxury afforded to you ANY LONGER. Nope.
Just decide NOT to be.
You don’t have time to waste on believing you can’t.
Just KNOW that you can.
You don’t have time to mess around with rules and shit that “seems legit.”
Please, choose now to massively shorten your distance to success. We need your gifts and we need all of them, right now.
Cut out the middle garbage and begin sprinting as fast as you possibly can towards everything you want.
Make a list of everything you *think* you need to do in order to get from here to there.
Then, be brutally honest about what it ACTUALLY takes to get you there.
For example…
If you want to get in shape, stand up right now and do 50 squats, 10 pushups and 25 crunches. Start right now.
If you want to make more money today, think of one person you can reach out to and sell something. Start right now.
Massive hustle necessary, just the kind that gets you there WAY faster.
Stop planning, start doing. You will find yourself through the work – not through planning it.
Finally… come join us in the World Changing Badasses and connect with the tribe who’s doing big things. This community was made for you and? They just get it, if you know what I mean.
All in,

Author TRG

Terra began climbing bookshelves before she could walk and spent many of her young days planting & growing sunflowers. She has an insatiable hunger for adventure and a deep desire for all beings to know peace & true freedom. Today, she runs several social enterprise companies, teaches entrepreneurship, speaks all over the country and writes about how to create a conscious life that brings unlimited joy and ultimate freedom. She would love to hear from you. Come on over & connect with her on social.

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