It's so nice to meet you! I live by the motto that...

Anything is possible, you are the architect of your life, magic exists…

And? This is our time to live wildly alive, create brilliance together and make BOLD moves to shake the world.


National speaker, bio-energetic practitioner and quantum brilliance lifestyle visionary, Terra Rose Ganem utilizes high frequency energy, activated nutrition & earth reconnection to support clients worldwide in activating & living their true potential.

Through her private practice, immersion retreats, an eco destination and presentations, she connects the relationships between our internal and external environments to elevate and optimize living through consciousness & embodiment of inner power – resulting in living the best life ever!

Terra shares applicable tools that merge ancient wisdom and modern technology in her practice, Quantum Brilliance, that allows people to quickly, with ease & grace, breakthrough the old and create the future they want. She is known as the “one you must go see,” by many of her client’s.

She also leads a nonprofit organization called Brilliant Planet, dedicated to seeding and sowing biodynamic eco destinations that share the magic of growing organic food & the power of connecting to community. All are welcome!

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it's time...


You are a spark of infinite consciousness with pure potential. I believe in your power, I believe we can heal the world by healing ourselves and I know we are capable of anything, ANYTHING together.

It's time to feel better than your best and ground in confidence and clarity to live your dreams!

…together we rise!

What You Can Expect Here

I share a myriad of tools, programs and guidance that can help you fully come home to yourself, gain clarity, shed the weight of confusion, dial in your inner game, trust your inner guidance and build your dreams from an unshakeable foundation of light and communion with the force of life.

My Training & Experience

Tribe Unstoppable
Founder & Lifestyle Coach
Brilliance Nutrition & Lifestyle
Founder, Coach & Speaker
TRG Life
Venture Mentor
Arizona State University - Poder Start Up's
Grow Organic Kids
Co-Owner & Co-Founder
Professor of Entrepreneurship
South Mountain Community College
Bodymind Nutrition
Raw food & Superfood Nutrition
Cleansing & Detoxification
Transformation & Lifestyle
Coaching Certification
Health Coach
IIN Certification
BodyTalk Energy Medicine
Bodytalk System Certification
B.S. Nonprofit Leadership & Management
Arizona State University


...awakening each morning knowing that today - you can be anything you choose.

You can express your inner power any way you want.

Be your potential in action.

Embody your brilliance.

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Community & Connection Are Everything... Together We Rise.