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Your Imperfections Are Welcome Here

By June 5, 2017 August 15th, 2017 No Comments

It’s okay, gorgeous one, your imperfections are welcome here.

You can always start again, and have a second, third and thousandth chance.

Start again… with innocence in your heart and simultaneously, consideration of the lessons.
Integrate them and start again.

Bring your smile and your joy… and start again, and again.

It’s not about starting over, no not at all, it’s about being on this journey of life and all of the experiences that will be wrapped up in this time around.

There’s not room for judgment.
In every moment, you were doing your best with what you had.
Every moment, gorgeous.

Start again.

Your imperfections say nothing of your value.

Start again

Your love is not diminished because you’ve deemed “right the first time” the only suitable answer to how you will be lovable.

Start again.

Allow this time to be as new as any time before and bring the same level of wonder and presence.

Relax your brow, feel the free flow freedom of the hearts fears and joy.

And darling, just start again as many times, in as many ways, through as many lenses as you want.

Because starting again? Is just a continuation of your infinite continuum as a perfect being in an ever continuing universe.

Start again, my love.


Author TRG

Terra began climbing bookshelves before she could walk and spent many of her young days planting & growing sunflowers. She has an insatiable hunger for adventure and a deep desire for all beings to know peace & true freedom. Today, she runs several social enterprise companies, teaches entrepreneurship, speaks all over the country and writes about how to create a conscious life that brings unlimited joy and ultimate freedom. She would love to hear from you. Come on over & connect with her on social.

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